From Facebook!

Thank you all so much for liking the page. I'm sorry there isn't more info on it right now, but between all the stuff behind the scenes with recording the new album, digital distribution, new web design, new band, renovating my house....hahaha! You can understand where I'm at.

I'm going to really try and load some cool stuff on here and I have some incredible people working everything behind the scenes that I'd be lost without. I'll give them a shout out when the time is right. :) They are transitioning me over to where I need to be and we have so much to do with that, it's nuts. Online store with my previous releases is ready to go which I'll share shortly, and I'll be updating you with new album clips and funny video's.

So hang in there while I get everything together, and please spread the word if you'd be so kind? I got a killer band to introduce you to as well as news coming soon! Watch this space, thank you for your friendship, love and support.