Album Update 7-1-21<---Click Here!

Hey everyone!
Lots going on so I've not been as active on social media. At times it has gotten overwhelming for me and I sometimes find myself going down a rabbit hole like what happens on YouTube. The next thing you know, hours go by! Haha!
Covid has definitely wreaked a little havoc with a few things on my release as well as creating the right design and artwork. Once I delivered my concept to Lenny Strauss my artist (since it is a concept album as well) he pointed out quite a few flaws in my initial vision.
We then set out on a journey together to bring this entire thing to life in a much different way than we both anticipated. Yeah I know, typical Danny "long time" fashion but part of it is Lenny's fault (in a great way) for talking me out of my original idea.....which would have sucked compared to what we came up with as a team. Thanks Lenny!
We then had a heck of a time hearing back from a few companies who due to Covid, were unable to get us the things we needed. At this time, everything I personally can do (writing, mixing, mastering etc) has been done for several months. The pandemic has definitely hindered a few things for us. But hey, I've waited this long, I wanted things done right.
We're just about done with the artwork on the CD which is quite extraordinary, in depth and has insane colors and detail. A few more little tweaks and I'll be turning everything over to the record label and you'll have this monster within the coming months.
Still 15 songs, and it's still called "Tribulations". I've never been more excited about my own stuff like I am with this. It's not groundbreaking but it is different for me while still sounding like a DD album. You'll hear what I mean when you hear it. 
A bit more musical, lyrically speaking it has more brilliance and integrity than anything I've ever written, and I truly believe there will be quite a few songs for everyone regardless of what type of rock you listen to. Heck, if I can't hook you with a few of these songs having 15 total, it's time to hang it up!
So stay tuned, I'll have some samples up soon, and I'll be in touch with more news as soon as I can bring it to you. I'd also like to share how this album came to be as well as the "tribulations" I went through to bring it to you. 
There are also 2 other writers, Guy and Joey Defalco who without them, we definitely don't have what you're about to hear. Though I've performed every instrument on every song (except bass on one song, thank you Emlyn Harrison) none of the writing magic happens without me, Guy and Joey as a team. We have a remarkable writing relationship that I can't explain. Full story on that to come in a few days! So for now, happy Summer and please stay safe!
Much love,