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Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing as well as can be expected during these times. Crazy stuff, isn't it? Whew! Well we're thankfully still alive over here and doing well. Sorry (as usual) for not being more in touch. I've been a bit of a recluse lately working on lots of new ideas and other cool things that I can only hope will see the light of day.

The new album has been completely done for some time now and I need to update my website. The hold up now is I'm trying to find the album a nice home with a supportive record label. I've gotten some good offers, a few bad ones and a few that weren't interested. It's really a weird situation to be in, honestly. 

Some of the labels I thought would go nuts for this didn't want to take a chance on me while others had A&R guys that loved it, yet the big bosses were skeptical. It's a very different album for me. What's even more disheartening is I sincerely feel I obliterate some of the artists they sign and push. That's not meant in an egotistical way. I just really feel great about this album and just want it to end up in a good home where I'm not just another name on a roster.

A few labels loved it but I didn't think the deals they offered were as good as they should have been. I'm not looking for a mega deal (though that would be nice) but there are certain things that I feel are necessities that need to be there for me. You figure, we have been working on this thing since 2010 and then I took it upon myself to do it all in my own vision to finish it. It wasn't easy let me tell you. I have a few more irons in the fire to handle after this Covid thing passes and if I don't get what I'm looking for, we're going to self release and see where we end up.

So what do I have planned that I can talk about? I'm working on a video concept so I can release a song for you while we get everything ready. It's such a hard choice choosing between 16 songs (I just wrote another I may was 15 songs)

I also want to do a huge interview and answer a lot of cool questions. My fiance has asked me the coolest questions during our time together. Way different than anyone who has ever interviewed me before. So we're gonna let her ask the questions and I'm going to let her ask whatever she wants without us going over the questions. She really comes up with some good stuff. So I'd like to try that and see how we fair.

I'll be doing a few internet radio things as well and have even thought of doing a little show from my new studio. The problem there is, I'm still super busy with work so it's hard to get away and do this stuff. One day I woke up with a pretty cool little gig with this studio stuff and it is just super time consuming.

I've also expanded and have a partner studio where I've been setting things up there as well as getting the engineer ready and making sure we have the same stuff in both studios. The other place is pretty big and has anything and everything you could ever want in one place. I'll fill you in more on that later as we continue to buy gear and get everything set up.

I almost have the live band together as well. Looking for a bassist that can play a little of everything from Stu Hamm to Billy Sheehan mixed in with some Victor Wooten. If you know anyone, let me know!

So you're all caught up now. I'll be in touch with anything good as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and I hope you all remain healthy and safe!

Much love,